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   Sealants Are Protective, Durable and Decorative

ProCote Product Systems include materials designed to penetrate deep into the concrete substrate. These specialty chemical compounds are specifically formulated for the concrete flooring industry.

Interior areas exposed to abrasive traffic from pedestrian, vehicular and materials handling equipment can be protected. These repeditives patterns cause wear and tear to all types of surfaces if left unprotected. Densifiers make the surfaces of concrete harder by fusing the fine aggregates of the concrete together. Water and other fluids find it dificult to penetrate a densified surface. Chemical exposures to everything from Corrosive Acids to Printing Inks can be blocked with a penetrating sealant or prodective densified barrier. 

To late to save the surface, even heavily worn and distressed concrete surfaces can be restored with a decorative overlay or penetrating stain enhancement. Consult with our product specialist to see how a specific product system may best suit your particular needs.