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Garage Floor Coating - Royal Oak, MI

Impressive Garage Floor Coating in Royal Oak, MI

Finally, you can enjoy a brighter, safer, and cleaner shop thanks to our garage floor coating in Royal Oak, MI. ProCote Floor Coating Systems delivers products capable of enhancing the available light in your shop area by up to 300 percent while keeping abrasive soils, dirt, dust, oily grease, and grime from penetrating your concrete surfaces.

Spills and stains on your floor can quickly become hazards. With our industrial floor coating, you are able to protect and repel all types of substances while still being able to stand up against harsh chemicals and cleaning solvents. From keeping your space brighter to ensuring you are safer with its anti-slip texture, our surface coating is the right choice for your area.

Auto Shop Commercial Floor Coating - Royal Oak, MI

Car in Shop with New Floor Coating - Royal Oak, MI

Perfect for Shops Dealing with Heavy Truck Repairs

Do you use your garage for welding, fabricating, cutting, or grinding? Then it is a smart idea to do something to protect your surface space. With our products, you are able to harden the existing concrete to make it more resistant to impacts from heavy parts and chemical fluid attacks.

Not only that, but our overlay treatments are able to restore worn and deteriorated concrete while stabilizing the surface. This all adds up to a floor coating system that enhances the overall appearance of your surfaces while making cleaning and floor care much more manageable. Contact us today to place your order for one of our cutting-edge coating systems.