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Waterproof Flooring - Royal Oak, MI

Protective Concrete Sealants in Royal Oak, MI

The effects of harsh chemicals, weather, salt, wear from traffic and aging will damage any concrete floor surface. Preserve, protect and beautify your concrete floor surfaces with premier coating products and concrete sealants in Royal Oak, MI. Procote Floor Coating Systems brings you the best in waterproofing technology for your property.

Interior - Exterior

It may not be noticeable right away, but your floor surfaces could be wearing down over time due to abrasive soils, chemicals, moisture, and other erosive elements. Make sure your floor surface has what it takes to stand up to these harmful conditions with our purpose-designed materials. Penetrating water-proofers and erosion stopping densifiers combine to make your concrete floor harder and more suitable for your use.

Basement Floor Coating

Homeowners use their basements for a variety of purposes. Sometimes they’re workshops, sometimes dens, and sometimes they are a catch-all and used for storage. No matter what you use your basement for, preserving the floor is an important consideration. Basement floor coating can protect the surface from wear and tear, giving it the longevity it deserves with a high-quality sealant. Although it’s a durable surface, concrete can start to look dull and worn, so adding a coating make a world of difference. Our residential floor coatings go on smooth, enhance the appearance of the surface, and make care and cleaning a breeze. From pool decks to basements, our floor coatings are a smart investment in your home.

Driveway Coating

There is no other surface on your property that sees more wear than the driveway and garage. Vehicles, foot traffic, and the elements all take a toll on concrete. Oil, salt, and abrasive substances cause damage, and over time the material will start to break down. Consider a garage and driveway coating to increase the lifespan of the surface and cut the costs of repairs over time. Call now for your consultation and give your garage and driveway the protection they need.

Coatings - Sealants - Densification - Overlays

Choose the material that targets your needs from our solvent-based, water-based, acrylic, or polymer fortified selections. We offer coating solutions for all types of hard surfaces, including concrete, wood, and garage flooring protection. With all the options available from our team, your flooring project will be your masterpiece.

Products and Applicator Tools, Training and Installation Available

Balcony After Concrete Sealants - Royal Oak, MI

Additional Options for Waterproofing Floors

We want to ensure that you always have exactly what you need to get resilient, long-lasting surfaces. That’s why we offer more than just great products. When it comes to waterproofing floors, you can turn to us for:

  • Applicator Tools
  • Training
  • Installation

Whether you’re a DIY guru or prefer to let someone else take care of the hard work, you won’t have to worry about getting your ideal results your way when you work with Procote Floor Coating Systems. Our team can equip you for long term success based on our extensive industry knowledge.

The Team You Can Trust for Protection

Keeping your surfaces safe from the ravages of time and the environment is our passion. We’ve built our entire business around robust, dependable flooring protection that enhances the overall look of the space while boosting the long-term value of crucial investments by preserving them, even in the face of tough external forces. Rely on our proven products and methodology for any flooring project.

Contact us for more information about our floor coating options. We proudly serve Royal Oak, MI, as well as the surrounding areas.