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Market Floor with Anti-Slip Coating - Royal Oak, MI

Installing Anti-Slip Surfaces in Royal Oak, MI

Floor Coatings add special elements to your food production and your retail areas.

Brighter and safer working environments for employees and customers alike.

Our anti-slip surfaces in Royal Oak, MI, ensure all traffic, whether pedestrian or wheeled, can move on wet and oily surfaces.

Cleanup is easy and recognized when necessary to prevent hazards.


As a business owner, you want your property to stay as clean as possible. Thankfully, with our anti-slip surfaces in Royal Oaks, MI, keeping your restaurant or retail space clean is easier than ever. Most spills and messes will wipe away with a simple cloth or mop, leaving your surface in a pristine condition. Contact us to learn more about our non-slip coatings and see how they significantly improve floor care for your property.


Slip and fall accidents are one of the most common causes of injury in America. They can also leave your business liable. That is why it is so important to install non-slip flooring in your restaurant or retail space. Not only will your customers feel safer when they browse your goods, but you will create a better environment for your employees as well.


Normally, concrete flooring is very drab and does not add much color or light to your space. Thankfully with our high-gloss, non-slip coatings, you will significantly brighten up your retail or food production areas. Our coatings can also be used to add color and texture to your space making it more inviting for your clients and customers. Plus by brightening up your kitchen or other workspaces, your employees will have an easier time focusing on their work improving efficiency.

Restaurant Kitchen with Non-Slip Coating - Royal Oak, MI