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Concrete Floor

Timesaving Floor Care in Royal Oak, MI

Just because a concrete floor is designed to be utilitarian doesn't mean it can't also be attractive. Improve the overall look of your slabs with concrete floor coating systems from ProCote FLOOR COATING SYSTEMS. The fact that you're reading this means that you want coatings that create a distinctive appearance for your concrete. As such, we offer a variety of choices that meet your specific needs.

For example, a basic coating creates a durable barrier that prevents damage from liquids and foot traffic. Stains and sealers that give your concrete flooring a natural look that retains its appearance for a long time are also available. Concrete floor coatings called overlays are designed to repair damage and create a level surface. When you want your concrete to look like a work of art, we recommend epoxy coatings that can be used to create vivid colors and unique designs.

You can also make your concrete floors safer by requesting the addition of materials that create a slip-resistant surface. Because they can be installed fast, your regular routine won't be interrupted for an extended period of time. Choose us for effective floor care in Royal Oak, MI.

Removing Old Floor Sanding Floor Finished Floor

Concrete Polishing and Densification

The answer to high-traffic pedestrian and material handling areas should include consideration for polished concrete, whether new or old!

Existing coatings and flooring materials like tile, wood, and even glues and mastics can be removed from floors. Diamond Grind procedures remove the surface, exposing a like-new condition to concrete floors.

Specialized diamond polishing equipment can add an undiscovered charm to old and new concrete surfaces. Densification and hardening processes will preserve the look while enhancing the ease of floor care and maintenance.

Long-Lasting Benefits

It's a fact that concrete surfaces located indoors or outdoors looks better when a coating is applied. However, concrete polishing and densification do a lot more than enhancing the appearance of your concrete floors. These services help reduce the need for floor maintenance because they prevent physical damage to concrete. When your concrete floors remain solid and smooth, you won't need to have them repaired or replaced, so you save money over time.

Contact us for services that preserve the appearance of concrete floors. We proudly serve Royal Oak, MI, and surrounding areas.